Stèle du souvenir de l'Halifax LV956

Route du Flot 76440 FORGES-LES-EAUX / Pays de Bray

South of Forges-les-Eaux, in the heart of the Pays de Bray countryside, the memory of these heroes from the Second World War is kept alive thanks to this memorial stone.

It was on the way back from a mission on rail facilities in Tergnier, in the Aisne Department that the plane Halifax LV956 of the 466 Squadron of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) was shot down in the night of 19th April 1944 by a German night-fighter.
Three crew members were killed and four of them managed to escape the aircraft. Two of them would become prisoners while two soldiers, the oldest ones, managed to escape.

The stone memorial, inaugurated on 19th April 2015, aims to keep the memory of this tragic event alive and to pay tribute to these heroes.

Headstone & Memorial

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