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Parc et jardins du Château du Taillis

Hameau de Saint-Paul 1330 route du Havre 76480 DUCLAIR / Vallée de Seine

In the heart of the Boucles de la Seine Normande Regional Natural Park, in the town of Duclair that is located on the bank of the river, the Château du Taillis welcomes visitors to a multi-faceted visit! In its park combining French and English gardens, you will be able to see remarkable trees as well as themed spaces such as the orchard, the kitchen garden and the Japanese garden. But the place also houses a museum displaying a collection of objects related to World War II, which is also the theme of reconstitutions and re-enactments every year around 8th May. Finally, the chateau and its grounds are also the setting for numerous events throughout the year: firework displays, candlelight displays, cluedo nights, etc

Here I was, ready to visit the park of the chateau... The sun was shining and I could feel the rays of sun passing through the leaves, which brought some pleasant shade. The entrance of the site arose my curiosity, I was looking for the chateau and I was surprised not to see it as soon as I arrived by car. I walked along a building and saw an expanse of grass. I ventured there and was so dazzled by the sunlight that I had to place my hands over my eyes. I then turned my head, and here it was! The famous Château du Taillis. It is long and narrow, and dominates the whole park. Just in front of it, small white wrought-iron tables provide the place with a friendly character. I was curious to learn more about this chateau and its history…

I walked along the building towards the park where a lovely statue of a cherub greeted me. The lawn is lined by borders and low walls. In front of me, there was an incredible greenhouse with a glass roof, an iron and red brick structure. Seduced by the building, I approached to admire more closely. On its right, I discovered several plants that create a friendly tree-planted bed. Several copper-coloured wrought-iron decorative objects combine harmoniously with the red bricks, which gives this green setting a little industrial touch. I strolled all the way to a small kitchen garden with square raised beds laid out around a stone column. I walked around them and had a look at the variety of vegetables planted there. I continued my walk and passed through a tunnel made of wisteria. It was totally magical, I was disconnected from the outside world and I really enjoyed this serene moment. On the other side of the tunnel, I came across a corridor made of apple trees adjoining beds of perennials swaying with the wind. I lightly brushed up against the leaves and turned towards the château. I distinguished it out through the trees and the hedge that surrounds the kitchen garden. I spotted a small opening and I slipped in. In the middle of the path, I was pleasantly surprised to see an old water pump whose colour almost blends with the trunk situated behind it. I was awestruck by the giant sequoia that rises towards the sky. It is a tree species that I have always loved and admired. How can we not feel so small in the face of nature's magnitude? At its foot, a circular encircles the trunk. It was the ideal place to take a little break in the shade of this giant. I soaked up the tranquil atmosphere and I felt connected to the surrounding environment. My steps led me to a small area that looked different from the rest of the park. It was in fact a small Japanese garden featuring a pond encircled by stones. I walked along the winding gravel path to an undergrowth where I ended my walk falling into reverie.

Castle, Classic, Renaissance, 18th Century, Listed or registered (CNMHS)

Arboretum, Botanical garden, Orchard/kitchen garden, Vegetable garden, Greenhouse and orangery, French style, English style


01 June 2023 to 01 September 2023
Horaire NC

Private visits

The visit lasts approximately : 45 min

Languages spoken  : English
Tours available in : English

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