Domaine du Grand Daubeuf

Le Château RD 926 76110 DAUBEUF-SERVILLE / Côte d'Albâtre

A few kilometres away from Fécamp and the cliffs of the Alabaster Coast, the Domaine du Grand Daubeuf is a private historic site, which is undergoing important restoration and modernisation works in the buildings and the parkland. Developed in partnership with other local actors, this ambitious project enabled the creation of an educational trail as well as an orchard, with the participation of the students of the engineering school UniLaSalle in Mont-Saint-Aignan. In 2015, the vegetable garden, which is a member of the network "Association des Jardins Potagers et Fruitiers de France" (French Fruit and Vegetable Gardens", was awarded the Prix

I pulled into the car park eager to visiting this site. It was all quiet, I could just hear the sound of the leaves rustling in the trees. I headed towards the small entrance that opens onto a majestic wrought-iron gate. In front of it, a long gravel path that leads straight to the château. I followed this tree-lined path. The sound of the gravel under my footsteps seemed to echo through this green tunnel. Then I noticed a pretty green wooden gate: the entrance to the vegetable garden. I entered and I immediately felt fulfilled. Surrounded by a long hedge, I discovered colourful flowerbeds creating a lively and cheerful setting. In fact, it consists four areas arranged around a beautiful stone basin. I was surprised by the shapes of this vegetable garden that combines straight, perpendicular lines and circles and curved lines. The name of the species is written on a small slate placed on an iron hook. I fell under the spell of the wide range of flowers I saw and especially by their colours. I spent a long time marvelling at the dahlias: red, yellow, orange, pink, white, what a colourful display! As I strolled along the paths, an intense and delicious smell enveloped me. So I set off to look for this enchanting fragrance that I love so much: Mexican orange blossom.

I found myself at the foot of a mound, several metres high. Between the trees and the plants, I noticed a small stone staircase that I decided to climb. It is circular, and I sometimes had to step over the roots and branches of trees that have pierced the steps. I felt like I was in a lost city looking for a treasure that could be at the top of this mound! The panoramic view over the vegetable garden is breathtaking. From there I could perfectly see the geometry and the incredible symmetry of the layout. A pretty bench seemed to invite me to sit down, and I delightfully enjoyed this moment in the heart of nature. As I walked around this mound I saw a path that led me back down. I reached a completely different setting as I found myself in an undergrowth, and my steps took me to an orchard. There, I took a big breath of fresh air and I raised my eyes toward the intense blue sky. The place is really relaxing, dotted with white stones that give it a Zen-like feel.

I continued my walk towards a second garden: the low garden. This is an elegant French formal garden with two lawns bordered by raised flower beds. A very surprising detail makes me smile: this park is located next to a huge field where cows were grazing peacefully. I climbed up another staircase that led me to a wood with twisted-trunk trees that made me think of a mangrove. It was impressive and I got lost in this unusual forest... Fortunately the path is indicated!

Classic, 19th century, Official historical monument of France (MHC)

Plant collection, Vegetable garden, French style, English style


14 April 2023 to 24 September 2023
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Closed
Friday 13:30 - 19:00
Saturday 13:30 - 19:00
Sunday 13:30 - 19:00

Facilities : Fully equipped meeting room, Toilets
Services : Shop
Activities available on site : Temporary exhibitions, Specific theme activities

Private visits

The visit lasts approximately : 90 min

Languages spoken  : English
Tours available in : English

Boutique ouverte aux horaires d'ouverture du Domaine au public : du 14 avril au 24 septembre 2023, les vendredis, samedis et dimanches de 13h30 à 19h00.


Base rate - full rate adult From 10.00€
Child rate From 5.00€
Reduced rate From 8.50€
Reduced rate From 5.00€
Rate for adult group From 8.50€

Methods of payment : Carte bleue, Debit cards, Postal or bank cheques, Holiday vouchers, Cash, Visa

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