Le Jardin Plume

790 Rue de la Plaine 76116 AUZOUVILLE-SUR-RY / Vallée de Seine

Jardin remarquable

Only 20 km away from Rouen, in Normandy, the Jardin Plume will surprise you with its modern garden design. Planted with mostly grasses and perennials, the five rooms in this garden take you on a journey through the seasons and atmospheres. The garden's nursery also sells many of its species, to the delight of visitors who have a green thumb!

One of the things I like most about Jardin Plume is its calm. As I entered, I stepped through a hedge and it was like entering another world. The owners welcomed me with a big smile and handed me a map of the garden: there are over 10 rooms. To get a bird's eye view of the whole garden, I headed toward "the terrace" and climbed up a small staircase. From this promontory, I overlooked the garden and discovered its incredible diversity. I was surprised by the modernity of the garden and its geometry. The shapes, the curves and textures blend together to create a harmonious and delicate whole. In the foreground: the airy and relaxing Jardin Plume. The tall plants are moving with the light breeze as if they were dancing in the sun. Surrounded by box hedging shaped like a wave, the grasses and colourful flowers thrive in a beautiful mess. I stayed a few minutes to admire this sight before continuing my walk towards the Summer Garden. There, the warm colours of the flowers are in full bloom and are planted in a boxwood maze that looks both formal and modern. I wandered between the hedges breathing in the sweet smell of summer. It was in this relaxing atmosphere that I walked towards the "Water Mirror", a rectangular water feature with deckchairs next to it. I sat down and made the most of this relaxing moment. The blue of the sky was reflected in the water, and as I closed my eyes to concentrate on the sounds of nature, I thought to myself the place was ideal for a nap! The surrounding orchard seems huge and opens onto a beautiful perspective. After exploring some very modern gardens, this orchard was a breath a fresh air and reminded me that the Jardin Plume is above all a bucolic environment, as the fields stretching out beyond the garden testify.

My walk continued in the next garden, the Flower Garden that could be described as an explosion of colours. A central path is lined on both sides by lively and cheerful flower beds. There were butterflies fluttering everywhere between the flowers and resting delicately on them. I was blown away, the contrasts were so beautiful. The path in this garden led to a forest of grasses, the Miscanthus Cloister, whose leaves tickled my arms as I walked by. This foliage corridor is narrow and led me to an enclosed space with a central water basin facing a bench. This water feature echoes the first one. I observed the long leaves swaying with agility and energy, which reminded me of the wave-like box hedging I saw in the first garden. At the Jardin Plume, nothing seems to be left to chance, on the contrary, it is designed so that visitors are the spectators of a luxuriant and expressive natural environment.

Gardener's creation, Contemporary


07 May 2023 to 16 October 2023
Horaire NC

Facilities : Plant nursery / Plant sales

Private visits

The visit lasts approximately : 90 min

Languages spoken  : English


Base rate - full rate adult From 9.50€
Gratuities From 10.00€
Rate for adult group From 8.50€

Methods of payment : Postal or bank cheques, Cash

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