From Le Havre to Elbeuf, history has left many traces. The chateaux and castles in the Seine Valley are great witnesses.

From the time of the Vikings to the independence of the Duchy of Normandy including the Renaissance period and the Age of Enlightenment, all those chateaux and castles can tell you a story, their story. Often built in strategic places, most of them dominating the river Seine, they were formerly used as lookout posts, blockades preventing access to the cities.

 In the Seine estuary, the Château d’Orcher offers a beautiful view over the Normandy Bridge. A little bit further away, the ruins of the Tancarville Castle are an example of medieval fortifications in Normandy during the Hundred Years' War.

Going up the river Seine, the Château d’Etelan appears proudly where the river meanders. This Renaissance-style chateau has welcomed illustrious guests such as Catherine de Medici and Henri IV of France. Further away towards Rouen, the Manoir de Villers in Saint-Pierre-de-Manneville is a beautiful example of 19th century architecture in Normandy.

 Finally, in the hills above La Bouille, who doesn't know about the Château de Robert le Diable, named after William the Conqueror's father. This feudal castle where Richard the Lionheart lived has often been destroyed or burnt down. It, however, still stands defiantly above the river over which it provides beautiful panoramic views. It is currently undergoing significant redevelopment.