Rouen's cuisine has a strong cultural identity. 
One thing is sure: here food is great! 

When people visit Rouen, they can't leave without having tasted the famous "Duckling à la Rouennaise" (or also called Duck in Blood Sauce). We won't reveal the details of the recipe so you will have a surprise. Just bear in mind that this is a serious matter, overseen by the Order of the Canardiers. Don't forget to ask for it to be prepared and carved at the table when you book. Please note that this specialty isn't served in all the restaurants. 
The Place du Vieux-Marché (Old Market Square) is full of restaurants where you will find a choice of menus to suit all budgets. You should stop at La Couronne, the oldest restaurant in France, where you will be able to enjoy a meal by the fireplace in winter next to the words and signatures left by the numerous famous people who came here for lunch or dinner.

You may be tempted by other restaurants, which are a little bit further away from the city centre but with renowned chefs who prepare a modern and daring cuisine: Origine, Saint-Hilaire or Gill, the eponymous restaurant of the chef Gilles Tournadre, to name just a few examples.

And for foodies...

Rouen's food is not only on the plate but can fill your suitcase: the "Larmes de Jeanne d’Arc" (Joan of Arc's tears) or the "Cadran du Gros Horloge" (Gros Horloge Chocolate Clock face) are among the typical sweets of Rouen, created by the chocolatier, Auzou, whose shop is a landmark establishment. Don't forget the apple sweet, small or big, it is delicious and makes a perfect gift to bring back from your holidays. Another proof of Rouen's taste for good food: every year in October, the city hosts the food festival called "Fête du Ventre et de la Gastronomie": for a whole weekend, Norman producers and craftsmen prepare and share they products at a huge market that is held in the Place du Vieux-marché (Old Market Square) and in the nearby streets.