If you want to visit Le Tréport in an unusual way and spend the day there, park your car on the top of the cliff and take the emblematic funicular railway that will drop you in the heart of the town in two minutes!


Inaugurated in 1908, the funicular railway was originally made of wood and the compartments in which the passengers used to sit weighted 6 tonnes each! Nowadays, it works like a lift; the two cabins are independent from each other. They have their own operating system. You just have to press "Go" and here you are, a unique experience, which is free all year round! The glass windows of the cabins allow you to admire the landscape, the cliffs and the town below. The particular feature of this funicular is that it goes through the cliff!


In 1941, the German army used Le Tréport's funicular railway as a strategic site and after the war it fell into disuse. A new system was finally set up in the 1960s, unfortunately technical problems would appear and it would close down 10 years later. Eventually, the mayor of Le Tréport revives the idea in 1990. The funicular railway began to operate again in 2006, before having two new cabins in 2008. The funicular railway also permits to smoother traffic flow in the lower part of the town. That's why a car park above and below ground was built on the top of the cliff, allowing visitors to explore the town without any difficulty and local people to move easily without their car!


You can also choose to go down the 365 steps of the beautiful staircase that links the terrace to the town through the renowned Cordiers' Neighbourhood in order to admire the breathtaking panoramic view that unfolds before your eyes. The funicular railway is open every day from 7:45 am to 8:45 pm and to 00:45 am on Saturdays and bank holidays!