Even though the city does not have a famous culinary specialty, it is nonetheless a gourmet city.

With its fishing port and daily fish market in the Saint-François district, Le Havre delights fish lovers. Straight from the boat to the kitchen, what a treat. Depending on the season, the stalls can be full of sole, turbot, herring and scallops.

Largest port for coffee in the past, the city has kept its traditions and still produces coffee Made In Le Havre.

As for fine dining, Jean-Luc Tartarin of course. This two-Michelin Star chef has treated the inhabitants of Le Havre to delicious meals for many years. A true ambassador of the city, his dishes invite people to travel and awaken their senses.

The Taverne Paillette, a true institution in Le Havre since 1596, is one of these places where people like to meet to have a good time.

There, you can try the renowned Paillette beer. A beer that was once enjoyed by all those living in Le Havre, but also in Normandy and all over the world thanks to the transatlantic crossings. It had disappeared for some time, but the Paillette beer now flows like water again.

It is said that the history of this Norman beer is as old as the history of bread. In the villages surrounding the city, there are numerous farms selling local products: butter, cream, cheese, apple-based products…