The chateau d’Eu, the last royal estate in France

The chateau d’Eu, the last royal estate in France, has been King Louis-Philippe's residence.

But before him, many illustrious people have pushed open the doors of this historical residence. The Duke of Guise, La Grande Mademoiselle, the Brazilian Imperial Family, Queen Victoria who signed the entente cordiale between France and Great-Britain, the Countess of Paris, etc. and the list goes on and on.

This chateau redesigned by Viollet-le-Duc is now a museum. Visitors can see the bedrooms of those illustrious guests, the dining rooms, the royal tableware, the berlin of King John V of Portugal and the Guise Gallery, recently restored, which was the ballroom of the chateau.

The building is surrounded by a beautiful French formal park comprising remarkable trees and an amazing rose garden. This Castle-Museum will allow you to travel back in time and learn about historical facts that are often unknown to the general public.