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Pays de Bray


A pleasant walk around the city that gave its name to the famous cheese of the Pays de Bray.

Starting from the former train station in Neufchâtel, this ride will take you to admire some of the most beautiful panoramic views of the Pays de Bray.

It starts gently on the Avenue Verte London-Paris. This former railway line, converted into a greenway, is part of a cycle route that links London to Paris.

A few kilometres further away, you will turn right to cross the main road and start your first climb! Our advice: make the most of the few tarmac metres to choose your gear before continuing on the path towards Mont Aulage.

You will start gaining height and the landscape will open onto a stunning panoramic view over the Béthune valley. If you are short of breath or a little tired, don't forget that the good thing about climbing is going back down! It is time to gain speed to tackle the new climb that is taking shape in the distance! You will enjoy the shaded road down before picking up the last path that will take you to Neufchâtel.

Here, you will ride through the streets of the village up to Avenue Gaillefontaine that will take you to the last section of the route. On you right, you will see a path that will allow you to ride safely along the road.

This section will take you away from the road and will offer you a stunning panoramic view over Neufchâtel-en-Bray and the Béthune Valley, but don't forget to look in front of you! Indeed, without even noticing it, you will arrive at the crossing Passage, which will lead you to Neuville-Ferrières. You will have to get off your bike a few minutes to open and close the gates because it's a crossing for animals. We wouldn't want to see cows escape!

The ride will then come to an end. You will reach Neufchâtel-en-Bray via the main road. We recommend picking up the Avenue Verte London-Paris to gently come back to your starting point and stop to have a look at the Garden of the Senses created by the town along the greenway.

After effort comes comfort! To reward yourself for your achievement - yes, a 14 km mountain bike ride is no small feat - take time to visit the charming town of Neufchâtel-en-Bray. And if you are hungry, head for a cheesemonger to taste the most famous product of the Pays de Bray's cuisine: Neufchâtel cheese!

Did you know?
The legend has it that the young women from the Pays de Bray used to offer this delicious Neufchâtel cheese to English soldiers to express their love!

Our advice: you enjoy mountain biking but you haven't dared tackling level 2 routes? This ride is for you! With shared roads and uneven paths, this ride will show you the most beautiful panoramic views of the Pays de Bray accessible by mountain bike.

Type of tour : Mountain bike
It lasts : 01h 45
Difficulty : Medium
Distance : 13 km
Waymark : Base FFCT, GRP
Leaves from  : NEUFCHATEL-EN-BRAY, Gare de l'Avenue Verte
Arrives at  : NEUFCHATEL-EN-BRAY, Gare de l'Avenue verte

Entretien : OFFICE DE TOURISME BRAY EAWY - 02 35 93 22 96 - tourisme@brayeawy

Facilities : Picnic area, Benches
Facilities : Green way

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