The Deer's Pond (copy)

Pays de Bray


A nice half-day hike in the Pays de Bray.

Leaving from the church of Flamets-Frétils, your ride will take off at top speed! Indeed, even though this circular route doesn't include big climbs, there are a few gentle hills that will put your stamina to the test.

To reach the first village, you will cycle on a path that goes up and winds through fields. Do not hesitate to take breaks to drink water and admire the view over the Pays de Bray.

Fortunately after each hill, there's a descent! This one will be a short descent that will allow you to regain strength before tackling another gentle but long climb. Let's go, direction Sausseuse-Mare! Lower gear, larger cog and looking straight ahead, you climb up without any difficulty… until the track gets tougher! Indeed, the path becomes more and more uneven until you reach the village called La Montagne (the mountain), which is aptly named! Before you get there, you will cross the village of La Mare aux Daims (the Deer's Pond) which gave its name to the route.

The route continues and takkes you to Graval, the other cheese village in the Pays de Bray! Created and produced at the Ferme de la Vallée Haute (High Valley Farm) by José and Véronique Martin, this full-fat cheese will delight your taste buds with its mildness! This section will allow you to rest since you will go back down after what you have climbed. As the ascents were gentle, so will be the descents. This pleasant section will allow you to take in the view. You only have a few kilometres left through fields to reach the starting point.

On the way, you will probably see the well-known Norman cows, since here, the grass is green and rich! You don't know what they look like? They are easily recognizable with their chestnut-coloured spots. The milk of these iconic regional cows is the main ingredient of the most famous product of the Pays de Bray's cuisine: Neufchâtel cheese.

Aren't you tired yet? Why not continue for a few more kilometres to go to the charming town of Neufchâtel-en-Bray and visit one of the cheese factories that makes the famous heart-shaped cheese?

Type of tour : Mountain bike
It lasts : 01h 15
Difficulty : Medium
Distance : 14 km
Waymark : Base FFCT, GRP
Leaves from  : FLAMETS-FRETILS, Eglise
Arrives at  : FLAMETS-FRETILS, Eglise

Entretien : OFFICE DE TOURISME BRAY EAWY - 02 35 93 22 96 - tourisme@brayeawy

Facilities : Picnic area
Tarred path : 57%

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