Table de lecture impressionniste n°4 - Port de Rouen, Saint-Sever

Vallée de Seine


Port de Rouen, Saint-Sever (Harbor of Rouen,
Saint-Sever), Camille Pissarro, 1896
This information panel belongs to Impressionist itinerary: “The moment".
Nothing is bucolic in those paintings where you can see clear and changing skies, warehouses, factories chimney: industrial landscapes of the 19th century that do not exist anymore nowadays. The Seine has become the place where the famous Armada is organized, a new quarter with its marina, a port of call for cruise passengers and a great esplanade for rollerbladers.

Type of tour : Multi-purpose
(Fishing, Walking, Road tour)
Leaves from  : ROUEN
Arrives at  : ROUEN

Theme : Cultural, Impressionism

Entretien : SEINE-MARITIME ATTRACTIVITE - 02 35 12 10 10

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