Table de lecture impressionniste n°5 - La plage à Pourville

Côte d'Albâtre


La plage à Pourville, soleil couchant,
(The beach in Pourville, at sunset), Claude Monet, 1882

This information panel belongs to Impressionist itinerary: “Townscapes”.

Monet prefers Pourville, a peaceful place far from the society life of Dieppe that has become a fashionable seaside resort. he uses blue and orange monochromes to express the last hour of the day. Nowadays, the viewpoint is still so amazing and beautiful (see the picture).

Type of tour : Multi-purpose
(Walking, Road tour)
Leaves from  : HAUTOT-SUR-MER
Arrives at  : HAUTOT-SUR-MER

Theme : Cultural, Impressionism

Entretien : SEINE-MARITIME ATTRACTIVITE - 02 35 12 10 10

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