La Chapelle du Bout du Vent

Vallée de Seine


You will be immersed in the landscapes created by the meanders of the river Seine. This hike is worth the effort it requires!

The Bout Du Vent Chapel was built between 1727 and 1730. It allowed parishioners to avoid crossing the river Seine to go to Saint Valentin Church in Jumièges. It gets its name from the fact that at this location, the winds change direction, making it difficult to sail.

It lasts : 04h 00
Difficulty : Difficult
Distance : 15,3 km
Leaves from  : ARELAUNE-EN-SEINE, Ancienne cale de bac de La Mailleraye-sur-Seine
Arrives at  : ARELAUNE-EN-SEINE, Ancienne cale de bac de La Mailleraye-sur-Seine

Entretien : OFFICE DE TOURISME CAUX VALLÉE DE SEINE - 02 32 70 46 32 -

Facilities : Benches
Tarred path : 56%

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