Poney Club École d'Équitation des Cateliers

Haras de la Ferme des Hospices Les Câteliers 76770 Houppeville / Vallée de Seine

Centre de Tourisme Equestre, Cheval Club de France, Equi-Handi, French Pony Club


Riding school in the Forêt verte : jumping, dressage,

Initiation, training, competition, ponies and horses, outdoor rides.


02 January 2018 to 31 December 2018
Horaire NC

Lessons and courses : Harnessing, Horse riding

Welcome, visit, dividing up, contact with horses, horse cares, theory, initiation, riding, training, lessons.....

Services : Lesson, Training session
Facilities : Car park


Base rate From 34.00€
to 54.00€
Base rate From 51.00€
to 66.00€
Base rate From 23.00€
to 31.00€
Base rate From 68.00€

Methods of payment : CAF vouchers, Postal or bank cheques, Holiday vouchers, Cash


Group size : From 8 at 12
3 groups welcomed in the morning. 3 groups welcomed in the afternoon. Contact the instructors.

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