Avenue Damilaville 76790 ETRETAT / Côte d'Albâtre

Jardin remarquable

Offering a breathtaking view over the famous cliffs of Etretat, these contemporary gardens are designed with a neo-futurist style, which is quite rare in Normandy and gives it an exceptional character. The Gardens are awarded the label “Remarkable Garden" and are members of the network "Great Gardens of the World”. Let's just say that in the heart of this poetic landscape, dotted with contemporary works of art, you are about to have a unique experience!

On this day, I was heading off to explore the Alabaster Coast in Normandy, and I can't resist the idea of visiting Etretat and its gardens, renowned throughout the world. The visit is not easy, but it is worth the strain! They are indeed located at the top of the cliff above the town. But every effort deserves a reward, and when I reached the top, I had a stunning view over the Needle of Etretat and the cliff. I was moved by this breathtaking panoramic view.

Equipped with a map, I was ready for my adventure! I was eager to go and very impatient to see this place I had heard so much about. There are in fact 7 gardens. I started my tour with the Avatar Garden. The atmosphere was surprising, even surreal due to the sculptures it holds. “Avatar”, the name of the garden, comes from Sanskrit and evokes the title of Guardian of the universe. Indeed I felt like I was entering a totally different universe. In fact the trees themselves were not silent. One of the works of art in this room is a key, which is associated to a keyhole that is the trunk of a tree. When it is turned, music starts playing. It accompanied me on my way to the aptly-named Impressions Garden! The path led me to a dramatic panoramic view, which has inspired the greatest Impressionist artists we know like Edouard Manet and Claude Monet. I was awestruck by this view and stayed a long time looking at it.

The Emotions Garden is definitely my favourite one. In the cushion-like boxwood, I distinguished 7 round faces, each with a different expression. I got closer and couldn't help but smile as I was so puzzled and charmed by these works, which I found very original. Some of the feelings expressed by the faces evoke tiredness, pouting, happiness or even satisfaction. One of the faces made me laugh, it seemed to blow a kiss towards the sky. I strolled along the paths surrounded by boxwood that undulate like waves all the way to the Aval Garden. The atmosphere reminded me of Alice in Wonderland! I encountered large flowers made of leaves, teak mushrooms, and other unexpected details. I even had the extraordinary honour to meet Claude Monet… or rather his representation while painting.

The Zen Garden reveals itself in a contemplative atmosphere. Relaxing music was playing, and I observed the pure and harmonious nature surrounding me. I took a wooden staircase completely bordered by bamboos and walked down towards a little corner where I sat facing a meditative statue. I made the most of this calm and serene moment before continuing my walk towards terracotta sculptures with different shapes. Apparently the shapes represent the sound waves of the word art said in different languages. I found it very poetic and inspiring. I continued towards the Channel Garden, which is a terraced maze. As I strolled along its winding paths, I climbed to the top of the garden. From there, the path opens onto the Amont Garden that overlooks all the other rooms. I took time to enjoy a stunning view over the cliffs in the distance. I realised how the Gardens were designed, with a shape that mirrors the cliff I had right in front of me.

Plant collection, Contemporary, Exotic, Japanese


03 April 2023 to 31 October 2023
Every day 10:00 - 18:00

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