Elbeuf-sur-Seine, a town of art and history

1 cours Gambetta La Crea 76500 ELBEUF / Vallée de Seine

Let's discover the land of Elbeuf, town of Art and History, with a guide authorized by the Culture Ministry. You will be welcome by the guide, who will give you the keys to understand the towns and villages landscapes and history. The Heritage and Architecture Department has created a large range of visits. Many activities are possible all years long for local people, schools and tourists.

Elbeuf sur Seine is located between hills covered by forests and the left bank of the Seine River and was built around the Saint-Etienne Church and the Puchot stream.

Its clear and soft water is said to be at the origins of the Elbeuf Woolen, a deluxe wool material appreciated by the Aristocracy and the couturiers.

The cloth manufaturing has settled there since the end of the 15th century and booms during the Industrial Revolution thanks to the new colored creations.

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