G.A Restaurant

2 rue Saint-Clair, CAUDEBEC-EN-CAUX, 76490 RIVES-EN-SEINE / Vallée de Seine



Along the bank of the river Seine in Caudebec-en-Caux, facing the Brotonne Bridge, David Goërne, in his restaurant, GA, will introduce you to haute cuisine.

Davis Goërne fell in love for this beautiful manor house, the Manoir de Rétival, which he has completely restored. This young German chef developed his own concept. Having dinner at the Manoir de Rétival, overlooking the river Seine, is an extraordinary experience. Guests dine in the kitchen with David. He prepares your plates in front of you like an artist. It is a show for the eye and a treat to the taste buds. Please note that he can only seat 14 guests at a time and that dinner starts at 7pm. Be on time for an exceptional night.

Name of the chef : David Goërne,
Categories : Inventive cuisine
Food specialities : Gastronomic cuisine

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